Hot Rolling Mill Equipment

By installation of a new roll stand at our customer AMAG Rolling GmbH in Ranshofen / Austria there were new needs of requirements for the finishing handling of the aluminium strip. By doing project planning, engineering, manufatcuring up to assembly and commissioning we delivered a comprehensive program to our customer to meet the new requirements for the adaption of the production line including a plate shear with push-off scrap device, scrap disposal, stamping machine and stacking machine.

Core of the plant is a hydraulic plate shear with 1200to cutting force to cut the hot aluminium strip with a maximum thickness of 120mm into plates. By using automatically positioning of the knife gap and robust design our shear combines availability, efficiency and precision for highest cutting quality

Technical Data

Components of plant (scope of supply):

fixed roller table in front of shear

swiveling roller table in front of shear

crop and plate shear with push-off crap device

scrap disposal

roller table behind shear with integrated buffers

stamping machine

stacking machine

chain conveyor with buffer

General technical data of plant:

cutting force: 1200to

width of hot aluminum strip: 900mm - 1.800mm

thickness of hot aluminium strip: 10mm - 120mm

plate temperature for thickness 10-60 mm: 250-600°C

plate temperature for thickness > 60 mm: 300-600°C 

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