Crop and Plate Shear

Also ALERIS Alumnium in Duffel / Belgium is using shear technology by ITWH. By modernization of the roll stand the existing crop and plate shear had to be replaced by a more powerful shear to meet the new requirements.

Because of being not a new construction plant, the requirements were more complicated. The new shear had to be installed in an existing plant and had to be adapted for the existing scrap disposal.  By planning every detail very carefully, our service technician was able to keep the shutdown time of the line to a minimum and to restart the line with the new shear after 5 days of installation time.

The new shear was build for band strips up to width of 2200mm and up to a thickness of 150mm and is be used for cropping and cutting the band strip into plates. The cutting force is 1200to.


Technical Data

Width of aluminium band strip min/max: 800mm/2200mm

Thickness of aluminium band strip min/max: 10mm/120mm

Cutting force: 1200to

Drive lower knife: hydraulic

Positioning of upper knife: electromechanical


Push-off crap device

Swiveling roller table before shear

Buffer stop as protection for maintenance work

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