Rotary Drive Station for Tempering Plant

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In 2009 we delivered an special rotary drive station for the spray tempering plant of the biggest hammer-forge in the world - the Saarschmiede.

The drive station was build to carry up shafts via a cross bar to rotate them with a speed of 3 until 8 rpm. The shafts have temperatures of 1100°c and a weight of 175to.


Technical data of the adapted work piece:

length: max. 15.000mm

diameter: max. 2.500mm

temperature: max. 1.100°C

weight: 175 t


Technical data of the drive station:

length: 4.500mm

width: 4.000mm

weight: ca. 19t

engine power: 2x15kW

rotation speed: 3-8 U/min