Rolling Mill and Metallurgical Technology

Following you will find more machines and equipment of the rolling mill and metallurgical industry taken from our more then 30 years of company history. All these machines have been designed by our engineering department and have been delivered - partly self-manufactured up to commissioning -  to our worldwide customers: 

  • Pilger mill

  • Hollow ingot mill

  • Special rolling mill

  • Steckel mill

  • Stitching machine for large tubes

  • Tube pressure test machines

  • Tube welding machines

  • Water temper and descaling equipment

  • Cutting devices

  • Transport, handling and finishing equipment

  • Coil carrier

  • Stacking machines

  • Continuous Casting Machine with Cooling Beds, Finishing Equipment and Ladle Turning Tower

  • Rolling mills for flat, long and wire

  • Roll changing equipment

Picture Gallery

Conveyor system
Ladle turning tower
Ladle turning tower
Hollow ingot mill
Hollow ingot mill
Pilger mill
Tube welding machine
Continuous casting machine
Continuous casting machine
Coil carrier
Descaling equipment
Roll changing car